Number 22 template for birthday hat

Do you want to know how we made them?

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Use the template to cut out a piece of felt. Obviously you can resize it to be the size you want. Use your fabric glue or sew the sides together and create a cone. Oooh how I love the birthday party that Elle recently threw for her now one-year-old daughter, Penelope.

The decor, food, and attire were inspired by You can spray it for small projects, but for thicker fabric like felt I like to pour a little bit into a cup and use a brush to saturate the material. You can fringe strips of felt or other fabric. You can sew long ruffled pieces.

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Use pre-made trim like pom-pom trim or rick rack. Here is how I make pom poms for the top of each hat: Gather the strip into a fringey little clump and fluff it out.

Alice is going to love them because she thinks hats are hilarious. It is one of my little presents to her. These hats are an awesome blank slate for almost anything you want to add.

My name is Princess Lasertron and I am a bridal designer, blogger, and best friend. I love to make things and I have always had entrepreneurial tendencies.

My son's birthday party is next month and I have been searching for a tutorial to make his hat. Now I just have to get my bum in gear.

I think I might just have to make these for my daughter's birthday in a few weeks! I just made at least forty of these and made them mandatory at my grandmother's 75th birthday party.

At first everyone was reluctant, but after awhile everyone was on board and we had tons of fun being goofy in our hats. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Subscribe me to your mailing list. Part of what makes the Offbeat Empire different is our commitment to civil, constructive commenting.

Make sure you're familiar with our no-drama comment policy. What if the opposite of trying too hard isn't being lazy? Building an independent daily spiritual practice Making mom friends: Daniellie on Remember the lesbian triad wedding?

But otherwise they seem happy. Printable Marbled Birthday Cake Topper. How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets. How to Search for an Airbnb in Paris. I love making party hats. I usually make my own because it is surprisingly hard to find party hats in normal colors.

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If I do happen to find them in the colors I like then I still spruce them up with my own fringe or flowers. Sometimes though I do prefer them plain like this one I put on Roman.

Downloadable Hat Template Click here to download. Basic Party Hat Instructions Step 1: Download hat pdf right here. Print, then cut out the template. Take the hat template and trace it onto the heavy paper. Cut out the traced party hat. Put the tab into the slot. On each side of the hat make criss crossed cuts with your x-acto knife. Push the ribbon through each hole I use my x-acto to do this and tie a knot to hold it.

The fringe and ball are very easy to make, it is basically a version of the streamers more detailed instructions over here. Here is how to do it. Embellishment Instructions Step 1. Ruffle and scrunch with your fingers then unroll the fringe. Take the fringe doubling or tripling it up and then staple it to the edge of your hat.

You can bend the fringe to cover the staple. To make the fringey ball on top, take a section of fringe and roll it up. Then secure it tightly with string in the middle, leaving long tails of string. Separate each side of the fringe and poof it up until it is a little ball.

Put the string through the hole at the top of the hat and secure the tails with a piece of tape on the inside.

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You have a party hat! There are other ways I decorate the hats. But they are all more or less versions of the two techniques above.

I like to decorate each one differently. They take a little bit of time to make but afterward you can keep them and bust them out for any party to make it extra festive. I use this same idea for popcorn cones for certain parties. Different patterned paper for them all and voila! You have yourself and cute throw away for popcorn…needless to say I loved the same idea for the hats.

This is extremely timely since my nephew's birthday is just around the corner. Heck, I'd make them for my own party! They remind me of those cute little girls in the lullaby league in the Wizard of Oz. Jordan, you are totally the master of creative party elements like this.

I love this post!

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Those streamers and possibly the hats are a definite must try for me. Thanks for all the inspiration!! These hats are great! I love the simplicity in the design. I am already trying to think up an excuse to make them….

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My family and I all have winter birthdays. My daughter's excited to make hats like those. Maybe we can some glitters for the girls'. The whole ballroom will be filled with little kids and we're ready for the cakes, too. Even my sisters from Denver will be there.

Thanks for sharing this! I would certainly recommend the same to others as well.

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These colors are making me drool all over my laptop! They happily remind me of rainbow sherbet… AND got my head spinning with Easter thoughts. Thanks for the bite of inspiration. What a useful an entirely stunning and yet approachable tutorial! Thank you so much. My son has a birthday in April and these will be great fun to make together!

I would love to make these for my boyfriends 28th, He may not be so keen, Love them though Thanks! Thank you so much for this post!