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Being a Starseed has little to do what with you do for a living or how you fulfill your soul purpose on this earth, but more to do with your Spiritual origins before birth and the collection mission of Starseeds - to raise the society consciousness through moral, ethical and spiritual guidance.

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You feel a desire to counsel, inspire and provide guidance to others, to assist them in their journey. You find yourself drawn to having deeper, more meaningful and soulful conversations and friendships. You are interested in the study of those from other planets and galaxies, including extraterrestrials.

You are involved in a collective soul effort to raise the consciousness of society and the treatment of other living beings.

find out if you are a star seed and where you really come from tests.

These are some signs you may be a Lightworker here on Earth, from another time and place than the Divine Light.

Simply, from another source of Light.

Quantum Astrology and Starseed Lineage with Meru Matu of Sun Soul Astrology

And thoughtfully, it may not be important to know which Light it is that you come from, as long as you know you are aligned to work for the highest, greatest and most truthful good of all of those involved.

When you were a child, you were taken and they tagged you.

You kept your promise, they kept theirs. You have the responsibility of knowing about the crystal powerpoints on the planet. This is a deep seeded thing about Atlantis and you know it.

Thank goodness the internet came along when it did because now you can absolutely do something worthwhile and that is: You have 5 different soul groups that you have connected with at different times.

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You have 5 different groups of these beings who are waiting for you to bring them the information they need. They need to jump forward to their next place. A lot of them are asleep. A lot of them are awake. August 20th found you in a particular timing mechanism because they came, took you aboard ship and completely rewired you.

They had to set up your boundaries for you because you just want to love and help everybody. You need boundaries, which will keep you safer, cleaner in spirit and will keep you on track to find your 5 different groups. As you can see, your birthday and the planetary alignments at the time of your birth are much more than a coincidence.

The date and time of your birth can reveal the destiny that you chose as well as the soul groups that will reunite with you. Click here for more articles by Gregg Prescott!

Cosmic Origins of Earth's Humanity

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A Cancer Saturn gives very strong psychic tendencies with other support. Neptune and Pluto Signs: People born in the Pluto in Scorpio or Sagittarius generations are also more likely to be born in the starseed waves, especially those incarnated as Indigo and Crystal Children.

Midheaven or Ascendant Signs: There are SO many of these, it would take up too much room to list them all so see in the sources at the bottom!

11 Signs you are a Starseed

If there is a very obvious allignment of 24 - 27 degrees in your planets, this is said to be a strong indication of Pleiadean Lineage. A grand water trine is a great indicator of psychic ability.

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If the rectangle includes Uranus and Neptune. Kite Formation in Chart: If the midheaven, Neptune or Uranus is the point of the kite. If the midheaven, Jupiter or Uranus is the connecting planet for the trine and sextile.