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Your career should offer you opportunities for growth and expansion, the chance to lead, and to defend the underdog. Work on following through and discipline. If you have your Midheaven in Taurus, you need security and a sense of direction in your career. You were meant to create beauty and improve people and objects.

Taurus Midheavens are drawn to work that revolve around creativity and money: While it could take years for you to decide which path to pursue, once a decision has been made, you are steadfast when it comes to your goals.

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It may be difficult to delegate work, as you feel no one can do a better job then yourself. Learn to see the positive qualities of others and trust in their potential. If your Midheaven is in Gemini you need variety, freedom of expression, and mental challenges in your career.

In fact, you may actually be pursuing two careers at once to keep you challenged enough. You were meant to be in touch with other people, to be able to actively spread both your wisdom and knowledge through teaching, journalism, advertising, public relations, comedy, marketing, or sales.

Truly a jack-of-all-trades and a lifelong student, you will be the happiest with a job that gives you the time and space to explore a variety of interests.

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If you have your Midheaven in Cancer, you need a career that allows you to use your intuition and your ability to care for others. You were meant to nurture others because of your ability to see situations and people on a deeper level.

Cancer Midheavens make great chefs, nurses, teachers, historians, and social workers. Your career path may experience highs and lows due to insecurity and an innate restlessness from suppressing your emotional side.

This may change, though, once your find your passion, which may not be in a field that involves a high pay. Whichever field you end up in, you will always have a creative advantage.

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If your Midheaven is in Leo, you need to be a leader, to be seen, and to shine in your authenticity. Courageous in your choices, you go after your goals with unwavering faith in yourself. Watch out for overconfidence, arrogance, or impatience. Leo Midheavens make great motivational speakers, actors, singers, organization leaders, film directors, spokespersons, businessmen, or politicians — really, any career that puts them in the spotlight or in the public eye in some way and appeals to their financial desires.

It is your birthright. If you have a Midheaven in Virgo, careers that offer stability and practicality are a priority. You need to develop inner calm, to direct your energy constructively, and to develop self-confidence.

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Your analytical mind and eye for detail should be used towards improving and bringing order to existing situations, for the benefit of both yourself and the world. You prefer to work from behind the scenes and can be drawn to science, research, medicine, psychology, or the literary arts.

If your Midheaven is in Libra, you need harmony and balance in your career. You are meant to seek justice, fairness, and equality, and you are willing to fight for it.

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In childhood, self-improvement and assertion may have been the focus on your life. Now, however, you are looking towards focusing on others, providing justice and harmony to people, places, and situations.

You have a knack for attracting great opportunities and for connecting with your charming and diplomatic persona. Libra Midheavens make great psychologists, therapists, lawyers, judges, diplomats, interior designers, architects, and musicians. Being social is different for everyone.

The MC can help you learn to trust your best social qualities to cultivate. It will show you how others perceive you. This can help you ascertain if your public "face" is helpful to you or not.

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